Choice of cosmetic dentistry treatments is much more important than choosing your next hair style. Many cosmetic dentistry patients get the idea to fix their appearance from reality shows where someone’s smile & life are transformed in 30 minutes or less. What is often left out of highly produced episodes is what happens before the reveal and the dental health of that patient, 10, 20 or 30 years in the future.

Falling in Love with a Procedure

Patients often focus on before and after pictures to identify what procedure they want.  There are often several ways we can accomplish the same result, but keeping the patient’s long term well-being should always be the first consideration.  We focus on the desired result, cost, maintenance, longevity and quality of life after the procedure.

Planning Your Cosmetic Dentistry

How long a procedure or desired result will last is an important consideration before agreeing to a procedure. Many treatments have a limited lifetime before they need to be redone, refinished or an additional procedure is needed.  Having an honest conversation with your dental practitioner is key to understanding the long term ramifications of the proposed procedure.

Many cosmetic procedures can be destructive to your teeth, while having limited durability. Each time the procedure needs to be redone, more natural surface is consumed. Our goal is to provide better long term value and dental health as opposed to quick fixes. Our personalized approach to cosmetics provide you the best options based on your dental health, financial options, and your age.

Cosmetic Services

After carefully considering your unique wants, needs, and options, we are happy to help if you’d like to move forward with some cosmetic work. We offer many services including bridges, crowns, and orthodontic procedures. Change your teeth alignment, fill in gaps, correct bites, brighten, repair, & replace teeth.

Fill out a Smile Analysis so we can help you decide how to enhance your smile.