Trios Intraoral Scanner

Recreating teeth and having them feel natural and perform as well or better than your real teeth requires accuracy. With our cutting-edge oral scanner, accuracy is not left up to chance.
  • Increased Accuracy – minimize human error
  • No “goop” – no more gagging while waiting on molding material to setup
  • Major time saver – get out of the chair quicker and treatment faster

Cone Beam 3D Imaging

3D imaging helps take some of the guess work out of 2D X-rays. When diagnosing symptoms and recommending treatment our dentists are provided a more complete picture of your oral health. Recommending the right treatment the first is invaluable particularly when it may involve invasive restorative or cosmetic treatments. Cone Beam 3D imaging is a luxury at many insurance driven practices as many insurance providers won’t pay for scans. Another added benefit of working with an independent fee for service dental office.