Equal, Not the Same

All of our patients were created equal, but they weren’t created the same.  You are a unique person and you deserve to be treated in a manner that is customized to your needs and preferences.

Individualize Dental Care

Our patients come to us because they want to be treated as an individual, they want to be heard and they want answers they can trust.  They want to know that they can ask as many questions as they like, or they can lay back and watch TV or listen to their favorite music and leave it all up to us.  Mostly they want to feel confident that our capable dental team will always “do the right thing”, taking the extra steps to insure safety,comfort, optimum care and an ideal outcome. Whether they want a detailed explanation or just want to rest assured that their treatment needs will be met, our patients want to know that we are helping them make the right decision.  They want to know that our doctors take into account everything that makes their situation unique.

Optimal Treatment Plan

The doctors at Lew Dental Group do factor in a myriad of variables when they design a plan for optimal treatment.  Treatment recommendations about methods and material, the order in which the procedures are completed, even the length of time between your visits, are based on such factors as your bite, the amount of force the teeth will have to withstand, your anatomy, the natural shape of your teeth, your general health and any medications you may be taking. And above everything else, the number one factor is always your vision and goals for your dental health and the appearance of your smile. Our patients say some nice things about us…. read the Certified Surveys. Patients keep coming back to us year after year, because we deliver both custom solutions for their dental concerns and an experience tailored to their preferences. reviews link