• Proper Diagnosis
  • Proper Treatment
  • Getting the Best Value
  • Minimizing Pain
  • Maximizing longevity


Appropriate Diagnosis

Spending the time to properly diagnose the root of the issue is critical in providing the best care options and allowing the patient to make an informed decision on their health care.  The quick answer is not always the best answer, and can lead dental treatment down the wrong path or delay treatment of the underlying malady.

One recent example…

40 year old with a painful area, exams and typical x-rays proved inconclusive.  Commonly a patient is sent for a root canal, however at our practice we go the extra mile to properly diagnose the issue. 

Utilizing CBCT – (cone beam computed tomography (CT) ) a 3D x-ray of your teeth, soft tissue and nerve pathways and is not covered by typical dental insurance.  However after review we discovered the tooth had involved the sinus cavity and a root canal would have been ineffective & would have postponed the actual diagnosis.  This recent example is one of many where not taking the time to thoroughly diagnosis an issue can cause patients undue pain and costly procedures.

Appropriate Treatment

Typically what is “appropriate” is often dictated by what your insurance company will pay for.  In many cases the patients are never aware a better long term treatment is available, or is recommended. Visit a Creve Coeur family dentist that is not shackled with making decisions according to what a benefit provider has deemed adequate. Would you like adequate care that still provides your insurance provider a profit margin, or the recommended care that provides you the best long term value?  Our personalized care considers age, financial resources, daily schedule, health, family, and personal lifestyle before giving you the best options for your health.

Establishing a lasting relationship with our patients, allows us to create a life time plan, not just a series of temporary fixes.  Another example would be for those patients that haven’t been to the dentist in a while and require multiple fixes.  Financially many patients are unable to do have all the recommendations done, and may choose to do nothing.  We break down those issues and provide solutions to provide you the best value over your lifetime.

Best Long Term Value

Value is not always financial, as not having pain, recurring or chronic issues, or maintenance associated with low quality materials can be more personally expensive.  Hassle, irritation, taking time off work all take a toll and we consider the patient’s time, pain, financial situation, and position in life to provide our patients the best long term value, as opposed to the short term financial reimbursement that can be generated.

Quality of life

Quality of life includes aesthetics, pain-free, and proper chewing and digestion. Improving or maintaining any of these characteristics should be considered when looking at potentials treatments.  The quickest or least expensive option may come with big negatives when you consider the quality of life aspects. Dentists and insurance companies don’t have to leave the issues after your treatment, your doctor needs to review all of these important considerations with you before you chose your best treatment option.

Minimizing Your Pain

If we have done our job in providing the proper diagnosis, treatment and providing the treatment with the best long value, reducing your pain has already been done.  With the proper diagnosis, we are not wasting time treating the wrong thing.  You receive a quicker resolution and don’t have to endure temporary or unnecessary procedures. Providing the treatment option with the best long term value will eliminate unnecessary retreatments and replacements of temporary financially expedient solutions.

We are a Creve Coeur family dentist practice serving our patients not the insurance company, so we take the time to ensure you are properly numb, pre-medicated to lower swelling & anxiety while treating you with respect.


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