Individualized Treatment Options

Lew Dental Group creates dental treatment plans specifically for each individual patient. Unlike many other dental offices, we are not restricted by insurance practices, meaning we are free to unbiasedly determine and use the best treatment method possible. What is “best” when an insurance company is involved is often what is cheapest. Many times your insurance reimburses for the least expensive option even if that means more work down the road costing you more time or causing you more pain.

Unrestricted dental providers

Only 7% of dentists in the United States are unrestricted providers. Our goal is to achieve an appearance and functionality you can be proud of that is easy to maintain, and lasts a long time. We focus on finding long term solutions. Each patient is unique and treated as such. From the very first appointment, we begin to create a full, detailed dental plan. You can rest assured that we will find a dental treatment plan that is in your budget and works for you. The idea that you can only go to a dental office in your insurance network, or that you need insurance to visit the dentist is a myth. Contact us now to set up an appointment or consultation.