Located in nearby Creve Coeur, Lew Dental Group is a concierge dentist offering over 40 years experience in St. Louis cosmetic dentistry.

As an unrestricted provider, Dr. Lew presents treatment plans without being limited by insurance reimbursements or red tape. Cosmetic dental treatments routinely correct alignment, whiten teeth, fill in gaps, correct bites, repair cracked or chipped teeth, and replace missing teeth. In addition, we also offer orthodontic care, bridges, and crowns. If you are looking for a Maryland Heights Clayton Cosmetic Dentist, visit Lew Dental Group to get an opinion from an unrestricted provider in nearby Creve Coeur.

Quality Cosmetic Dentistry

With over 40 years of private practice experience, Dr. Lew and Lew Dental Group provide patients treatment plans personalized to their specific goals, health, age and resources. Being an unrestricted provider gives us the ability to diagnose and freely recommend the best care available without insurance restrictions.

Treatment options may include:

Our goal is to provide long-lasting solutions as opposed to short-term fixes that you can find anywhere.

What is Concierge Dental?

Concierge dental service that allows for relationship building and knowing who you will see when you come in for work or hygiene. Individualized care plans ensure that our patients’ needs are met, as they are a part of the decision-making process. We take pride in careful diagnosis, proper treatment,e, minimizing pain , and maximizing results. Before going to a Maryland Heights cosmetic dentist, you owe yourself a visit with Lew Dental Group, located near I-270 in Creve Coeur.