Custom made dentures well fitted to your mouth provide improved appearance, speaking and chewing abilities.

At Lew Dental we go above and beyond to meet our patients’ needs. While many dentists are required to follow insurance provider’s requirements on procedures, materials and care, we are free to recommend the best option for you. Unlike the bargain denture franchises that are discounting to keep the turnstiles churning, we spend the time it takes to make sure your dentures are correct.

With our denture design we provide 3D planning and visualization to provide optimal fit, followed by expert craftsmanship. Many patients are resigned to accept poor fitting dentures as the normal. Worse than a pair of shoes that are too small, dentures effect your appearance causing sunken skin improperly supported by misaligned dentures. Besides your appearance, chewing & digestion can be effected making the discount dentures a very expensive proposition. Your care is our priority so if you’re looking for high quality Creve Coeur dentures contact us today.


Missing one, two, or all of your teeth? Dentures are removable replacement for missing teeth and surrounding tissue. These are not your grandpa’s dentures; 3D custom designed, advanced techniques to provide jaw support, minimize bone loss and mimic real teeth. Porcelain dentures teeth hold a natural color, look and wear better, and changes the way your face appears. Properly made dentures make you look younger, and feel more confident. Complete dentures are ideal for loss of all teeth in an arch while partial dentures are great for several teeth in an arch. Implants can also be used to anchor dentures. Dentures are a good planning tool (guide) for implant placement and implant reconstructions. They are the template for many types of procedures. You can see it before you approve it. (Try it before you buy it)give us a call to schedule a conversation.

The process of getting custom fit dentures takes several weeks, but the end result is a natural looking denture made using highly accurate molds & durable materials. We take the time to ensure a proper shape, color, and fit. Beware of discount or coupon dentures as you get what you pay for. When it comes to something as critical as eating and your smile, don’t take the chance on a bargain. We offer the best available dentures, placing value over quick-fix, temporary solutions. Unlike corporately run chain stores, we treat you as more than just a number.


We pride ourselves on being an unrestricted provider, which allow us to put your needs over insurance company mandates to ultimately provide you with the best dentures and care available. The myths that patients can only visit network insurance company dentists, and that patients without insurance cannot receive care are both false. Become an unrestricted dental consumer to receive the best value out of your portable benefits by using them the way you want. Give us a call today to start taking advantage of our concierge dental care, find your quality Creve Coeur dentures at Lew Dental Group.